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Customer Complaints

Resolving Customer Complaints

​Dealing with an unhappy customer should be resolved from the customer’s perspective:

  • Remain non-confrontational
  • Be apologetic and understanding
  • Examine the issue and factually and correctly explain any possible reasons for the complaint
  • Where there is an issue, apologise and offer to resolve by replacing AND refunding the monies paid for the customer’s inconvenience
  • Always request that the customer returns the product to you


  • Keep the customer satisfied
  • Ensure the customer wants to return
  • At no point make the customer uncomfortable

Validating Complaints

  • You will know if a complaint is genuine or unfounded
  • The environmental health agency are obliged to investigate any complaints made to them so it is far more productive to resolve the issue on site and right away without them becoming involved
  • On occasion you may have to take a step back even though you know there is no foundation for the complaint for the benefit of the business and accept it


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