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Health & Safety

The takeaway toolbox is a resource centre for takeaways and restaurants. Please feel free to download any of the PDFs below

Staff Safety at Work

​Some common-sense health and safety tips:

  • Arrive in good time for your shift
  • Caution handling hot food and liquids
  • ​Negligence is a risk to yourself and colleagues
  • ​Always replace knives and utensils to the correct storage area
  • ​Do not leave items on or over worktop edges
  • ​Allow access to colleagues carrying food or pans
  • ​Be cautious of wet floors
  • ​Store items safely on shelves
  • ​Be aware of fire procedure
  • ​Be aware where first aid box is located
  • ​Move around in a considered manner not rushing

In the event that you are working at the same time as the shop Cleaner, please be cautious of potential hazards, eg.) mop buckets, spillages, cleaning chemicals etc…

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