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Staff Food Handling & Preperation

Staff training for food handling- Please Print for your staff notice board

Be aware that you are handling food that somebody is going to eat

Do not squash or damage food when wrapping; presentation when opened is key to the customer’s satisfaction.​

Do not handle food any time; always use the utensils provided.

 Always rotate food in the displays rather than always selecting the freshly cooked products.

If you have any query over any product on display seek advice from the manager or the cook before serving.

Always be alert of anything untoward in the display cabinets (dead insect, chipped glass, wire scourer shavings etc).

Food preparation

You’ll be shown how to prepare food by the manager or head cook and notices will be distributed around the shop to remind you of your responsibilities.

You must obey the head cooks orders on how to prepare products as it is a vital importance to the business to maintain the same consistent standards.

Always be aware of anything you are not happy with and notify the manager or head cook before serving product.

​Always keep your products fresh by rotating


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