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Staff Training – Customers

These are simple and basic instructions for all staff

  • Always be punctual and prepared for work to start your shift.
  • You should always be clean and tidy in your own personal appearance. Make sure you are looking fresh rather than someone who has fallen out of their bed.
  • Your uniform should always be immaculately clean as you are handling food
  • Staff should look at every customer as if they are a member of their adored family preferably their grandmother or grandchild etc.
  • Always be aware that the person you are serving may become confrontational if they feel they have not been served politely or correctly. Speak and treat them with respect.
  • The way you serve people should be exactly how you should wish to be served yourself.
  • Never touch food with your hands; always use the utensils provided.
  • Jewellery should be kept at a minimum on hands and no hanging chains around the neck in case they fall into food.
  • Hair should be tied back under a hairnet or cap/hat.
  • Heels are not recommended as slipping could not only injure yourself but colleagues who are handling hot food.  Non-slip flat shoes are recommended for this type of business.
  • Any spillages should be wiped up immediately to prevent accidents. When spillages have been dealt with hands should be washed thoroughly before returning to the counter/work station.
  • It is always a good idea serving younger children to check change with a colleague before giving it to a child.
  • Keep your work area clean at all times.
  • As stipulated by Environmental Health nail varnish should not be worn unless disposable gloves are worn.
  • You are the customers first point of contact
  • Know your products- ask if unsure
  • Work diligently and to your full capacity, if you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean


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